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Deadpool Movie Test Footage Official

Proof that God is real


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If it’s warm, and you wanna be outed, I know just the place for you. New York’s hottest club is MARY. Opened in 1997 by missing Florida woman Lisa Martinez, this club is currently going 90 miles an hour down the Westside highway.

This place has everything: charts, graphs, PowerPoints, a guy who still thinks Jamba Juice is good for you. And if you liked Russell Crowe in Les Miserables, you might want to hear Jasper the Gorilla pass a kidney stone. It’s fancy, and there’s even a password: the last words of murdered blues legend, Sweet Willie Walker. It’s “My wallet? Yeah, right!”.

Saturday Night Live
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A special guest came by the BAIT Booth #4949 yesterday to pose with the now sold out Robots by Kidokyo x Tsunami Syndicate.

That’s cool.

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Yahoo Screen’s Community Season 6 SDCC panel.

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Marvel Studios’ “Ant-Man” SDCC 2014 panel.

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Markiplier: Turbo Dismount

  1. <b> Markiplier:</b> (in a nasally voice as his avatar rides a bike) Ding ding! Green means go! *SPLAT!*<p><b>Markiplier:</b> I seem to have memory loss from the last time this happened. Oh well. Green light means- *SPLAT!*<p><b>Markiplier:</b> I'm gonna put Turbo pads on and I'll make it through- *SPLAT!* -just fine.<p>
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Curse of the Black Pearl

  1. Barbossa: What say you, Jack? Are we to be two immortals locked in an epic battle 'til Judgement Day and trumpets sound?
  2. Jack Sparrow: Or you could just surrender.
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Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here celebrating the fact that Agents of Shield is introducing another female Marvel superhero.

I find your choice of GIF amusing. Especially since Hawkeye and Mockingbird are (more or less) a thing in the comics.